-Why an online music magazine?

After performing in many different countries, we thought it would be great if people everywhere could listen to Colijn’s new music more easily. That’s why his new music is available on the www, so you don’t have to wait until Colijn is playing in your country again to buy a cd.
Now you can immediately listen online, and we made it even more fun with many extra features! Check it out 🙂

-But I would like a CD, for in my car?

if so, please let us know via the contact page – and we will see what we can do for you

-Why an online video course?

Having taught at many different institutions on various continents, as well as private lessons, it was time for Colijn to write down his method for developing YOUR own style. Especially designed for you to develop your music according to your own wishes, revealing the best ways to practice, and supporting you with the best techniques there are.
Also, by using this form of online teaching we are able to keep on supporting our friends in other continents.

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