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Team Colijn Buis Music:

colijnColijn gives music lovers worldwide beautiful pieces of music composed and played by his own hand.
Also, he provides an expansion of knowledge and possibilities for other musicians by teaching and coaching them in workshops and private lessons around the world.
“I believe in beauty . I believe music is a true source of inspiration. I believe it’s time for new music, that is adventurous, in combinations never used before, music that leaves you deeply touched, moved and inspired.”

As acknowledged by Denise Jannah, Thijs van Leer, and other great musicians from around the world, Colijn has the skill to communicate from heart to heart.
Performing in many countries throughout Europe, Africa and America, many friendship bonds are formed celebrating cultural differences.
“Travelling the world, I wish to inspire audience and fellow musicians by sharing my music.”
Colijn’s music is holistic, influencing mind, body and soul. Just as his style is not only jazz, classical, pop or rock, but a fusion of all.
“Music is my life, I will not stop until the music fully moves me – and until you experience no less than the same!”

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